We know!  Starting a website project from scratch can be a daunting, sometimes overwhelming, task.  We're here to consult with you and guide you each step of the way.  For us, it's personal.  At the end of the day, we want to take as much pride in your new website as you do.  We will strive for it to be the best.

Here are the steps that need to be considered as you begin this journey.  Remember, we are here to help.

  1. DOMAIN NAME - this is the first step and a very important one.  The domain name is your online address, much like exit1.biz is our domain name.  You need to think of a name that corresponds with you business name - keep it short, but also catchy.  Many times you can find the name readily available and register it with GoDaddy or some other registrar for as little as $10/year.  However, other times, your preferred name might be owned by someone else who might demand hundreds of dollars for its purchase.  In any case, NEVER let someone else hold the registration to your domain.  Make sure you take care of that yourself with the help of GoDaddy as mentioned before.  Need help? Exit One would be pleased to help you select a viable domain name for your project.
  2. HOSTING - Once your domain name is secured, you'll need a hosting plan.  Exit One can provide hosting services for our clients at a reasonable cost, but many times it simply makes more sense for our clients to purchase a monthly or annual plan from GoDaddy.  When purchasing hosting, be certain to request a WordPress plan as you will likely need WordPress support to launch your website.  Again, if you need help with this step, Exit One is here to help.
  3. WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT - OK, you have your domain name and hosting plan purchased, now it's time to get down to work developing your website.  It's always best to have a plan.  We suggest conducting some reviews of existing websites making note of ones you like and some of the features that catch your eye.  From here, you should develop an outline of how you would like your website to flow - what types of information you plan on conveying and how you would like it presented.  Many times our clients come to us having given no thought to what they actually want.  This will make your project much more difficult and take much longer to complete.  At this stage, Exit One will be very much engaged with you to help you plan.  We can provide some ideas and guidance based on our experience.  We are happy to meet with you in person on by telephone to sort out the details.  At this stage, it is also best to have a logo and color scheme already developed.