Website Hosting

Website Hosting

We recommend that our clients open their own website hosting account with GoDaddy as a way to save money on their website project.  However if you would prefer that Exit One provide website hosting for your project, we can do it very affordably with basic plans starting at just $20 per month.

Website hosting is one of the more complex areas in managing your website, so if you are not comfortable in this area, please be sure to schedule a consultation with us so we can guide you through the service selection process before you speak with GoDaddy or any other website hosting company.  There are many options with most hosting plans and the costs can vary widely.  We can help make sure that you select a hosting plan that makes most sense for your project.

In addition to website hosting, you will need a unique domain name if you don't already have one.  We are happy to assist with domain name selection and registration process.

To discuss your website project, please use our Contact Form or simply call or text us at 908.912.4441.  We offer a free initial consultation.

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