Your Website is Vulnerable!

Do you know how your website is being secured?  At the very least, you need to make sure your domain is protected with a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) certificate make sure that communications occurring over your website (ie, client logins, credit card payments, form submissions and more) are encrypted.  In today’s environment, there is a bare minimum and it is so important that Google and the other major search engines have started to penalize website rankings for those that do not feature SSL protection.  However, this is not enough to protect your website and your visitors from the hackers.  You need to make sure that your WordPress developer is employing all of the latest techniques to keep your website protected from the bad guys.  Chances are that when you launch a website, it will initially be visited by more visitors with malintent than actual potential customers.  As sad as this sounds, it’s true.  At Exit One, we’ve developed a security program that gets implemented with each website project.  While it’s no guarantee that your website won’t be hacked, it does greatly reduce the odds.  We won’t share our program in this BLOG posting as it is part of our intellectual property, but we would be happy to discuss some of the details with you.  Our approach includes a combination of plugins, procedures and security checks designed to keep your site running optimally.  If you want to discuss your website project right away, call or text me at 908.912.4441 or simply complete our contact form.